30 November 2012
لوحات حبيب فاضل ... إبداع متجدد
Al Balad Newspaper
In this article, Habib Fadel describes his paintings as abstract or portraits. He mentions also "I paint because it is freeing and it allows me to express myself in a way that I could not do in real life".

As well some of the paintings represent the war which Fadel believes "it exists everywhere around the world and we are all affected by it, especially children".

About his style Fadel says: "I try to find more ways to be creative... However, I have noticed that many great artists repeat themselves constantly. They find a theme and they stay with it for the rest of their careers and you can recognize their work by their theme. Other artists, like Duchamps, preferred to renew themselves constantly. I guess there is no rule or formula, every artist has his own way of working and his own style".

Finally, Fadel hoped for more awareness about the Lebanese artists around the world.

Al Balad Newspaper
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